Summary of Innovation

Kivnon's first Automatic guided vehicle designed to transport and stack loads, is able to follow cyclic fixed or conditioned routes and interact with other AGV’s, machines and people. Furthermore it's incorporated security system allows it to
share spaces and routes with people and other vehicles. Our K55 has an easy operation possible, even without a central control system.
This AGV is able to connect to any upper level systems such as Fleet Manager or Process . Finally it has an integrated in-loop charging and a total autonomy, 24/7.

Innovation Statement

This AGV/AMR model is the perfect solution for automating the transport of palletized medium loads at heights. Perfectly designed to adapt to all types of pallets and pallet compatible containers, reception and dispatch of goods, and internal material transport. In addition, this stacker allows to optimize properly the storage space and improves processes efficiency. Because of its IoT capabilities, our device is cutting-edge. Its open interface allows us to adapt to both Kivnon's own systems and those of third parties without conditioning the client to use a particular or specific system, allowing for an independent approach. Collecting data on all operations, analyzing production capacity, and optimizing procedures.


Perfectly designed to adapt to any open bottom or pallet storage application, reception and dispatch of goods, and internal material transport. Pallet racking from the ground, conveyor belts, or trailer decks can all be used for picking.
This AGV/AMR variant is ideal for pallet transportation automation. Furthermore, this stacker enables for optimal storage space optimization and enhances the effectiveness of internal logistics operations and industrial warehousing in industries such as Automotive, TIER 1, Manufacturing, and Food & Beverage.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactLorena Marín
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Kivnon.

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