Summary of Innovation

JLT Insights™ is an information-rich management dashboard that takes operational intelligence to a new level by combining IT-system data with vehicle dynamics – giving logistics managers vital information upon which crucial real-time operational decisions can be made.

In addition to IT-hardware-health information, dynamic sensors and accelerometers onboard JLT6012™ and JLT6012A™ forklift computers can ascertain vehicle movement, speed, acceleration, impact, access-point-based location, and time. This data, when compared, contextualized, and displayed on the JLT Insights™ dashboard, allows operators to identify bottlenecks, network connectivity issues, high-traffic areas, driving dynamics and accident-prone zones. As a result, uptime can be optimized, flow can be improved, and general operations enhanced with regards to both efficiency and safety.

Innovation Statement

JLT Insights™ leverages modern technologies – such as IoT, Big Data and Cloud Computing – and takes the capabilities of typical forklift IT management suites one step further by adding vehicle dynamics into the data pool. Broader insights and statistics give operators the scope to further optimize daily operations, widen the positive impact of proactive procedures, reduce risk, and boost health and safety.

There are multiple possibilities: Combine impacts with location to ascertain higher safety risk areas and/or physical bottlenecks; combine impacts with time to identify shift-based patterns; combine time and location to highlight overly long local dwell times or heavy traffic areas. All of this in addition to basic IT metrics!


Any disruption in daily operations costs money. Working more proactively – by leveraging information from an even larger data pool – managers can now stay two or even three steps ahead, further increasing productivity, reducing costs, and increasing income.


Posted Date1/11/23
ContactAndreas Nivard, General Manager, JLT Software Solutions AB
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