Summary of Innovation

We are proud to introduce a brand new palletizer especially developed for a logistic environment where palletizing goods from containers happens often. Thanks to its unique pattern generator, the Qimarox Highrunner HR9 palletizer can stack boxes of almost any size on pallets at lightning speed. With this innovation, importers of various products are able to largely automate the unloading of containers. The result: improved ergonomics and savings on time and personnel costs.

Qimarox is responding to this request from the companies with the Highrunner HR9 Logistic palletizer. This lightning-fast, innovative palletizer is able to stack boxes of almost any size on pallets automatically. A unique feature is the smart pattern generator that automatically generates multiple stacking patterns based on the dimensions of a box. All the operator has to do is select the desired stacking pattern, but even this can be automated! The Qimarox Highrunner HR9 does the rest and translates the selected stacking pattern into instructions for the machine.

The Highrunner HR9 is equipped with a fully integrated 3D product scanner, which automatically captures the contours and dimensions of the cartons. This data forms the input for the pattern generator, which calculates multiple stacking patterns based on it. The intuitively designed control panel displays the stacking patterns and indicates the preferred stacking pattern. The operator’s choice is recorded in memory, so that the correct stacking pattern is automatically selected the next time. Unloading containers has never been easier.

The highrunner HR9 palletizer enables companies to automate their unloading processes. Which brings a couple of benefits:
– Fewer personnel required for these operations
– A faster palletizing process (1,000 products per hour based on 4 products per layer)
– No more (costly & time consuming) manual handling
– No more risks of repetitive strain injuries of the workforce
– No more risks of being hit by falling objects
– No more risks of falls from heights
– No more risks of slips, trips and/or falls

Innovation Statement

The Highrunner HR9 makes it possible to automate the unloading processes for companies by using a smart pattern generator with integrated 3D scanner allowing the palletizer to be operated by anyone. No skills, experience or knowledge is needed.


Any (logistics) company that deals with incoming products or goods can use it to make the unloading process more efficient and relieve staff while reducing personnel costs.


Posted Date1/11/23
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Submitted by Qimarox.

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