Summary of Innovation

our solution is a smart software platform that helps logistics managers, 3PL providers and integrators by assisting them in adapting to, and meeting, new operating scenarios. Rather than sitting as a layer between the robot’s control system and warehouse management systems as many solutions do, this new type of solution integrates the robots themselves. The platform talks directly to them and builds a unified system to control a fleet of heterogenous robots, together with a warehouse control system. New algorithmic tools can provide a single map, thereby achieving more flexible operations and higher levels of compatibility. By combining and connecting specialist mobile robots each performing different tasks, the platform can maximize the productivity of each robot and extend its useful life.

Innovation Statement

CoEvolution's RCS (robot control system) supports to integrate different robots of any brand, any type and any navigation method in one map.


Such platforms give attendee as wide a range of options when choosing and creating their fleet as possible, empowering them to cope with internal, external, and technological changes as they arise, for instance by providing additional flex to scale up and scale down at different locations as required, and this technology gives the option of providing full workflow automation and enables attendee to consider a shorter payback period when purchasing equipment, thereby reducing their exposure to investment risk.


Posted Date1/11/23
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