Summary of Innovation

The Covariant Robotic Putwall automates the highly manual task of item sortation for batch-picking and returns processing operations. Powered by the Covariant Brain, a universal AI that enables robots to see, think, and act, Covariant's putwall systems can autonomously handle virtually any type of SKU and items on Day One - regardless of shape, size, or packaging. Order and item sortation is a very labor-intensive process that can now be automated using the Covariant Robotic Putwall, helping retailers and 3PLs fulfill orders at an optimum rate and increase efficiency while also reducing costs.

Achieving speeds of over 850 PPH with 99.9% accuracy, the Covariant Robotic Putwall has been helping 3PLs like Radial and Capacity handle increased volume in the face of labor availability challenges. The robotic putwalls integrate into a warehouse's existing footprint and upstream/downstream processes (e.g. put-to-light, WMS). The fully integrated robotic systems are powered by the Covariant Brain and include the robot arm, vision system, scanners, conveyor system, and any other components needed to fit into the existing workflow. From health & beauty and polybagged apparel to pharmaceuticals and general e-commerce merchandise, the Covariant Robotic Putwall is helping organizations keep up with demand and future-proof their systems for the ever-growing eCommerce demand.

Innovation Statement

The unmatched autonomous performance and accuracy of the Covariant Robotic Putwall is enabled by the Covariant Brain - deep learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) pre-trained on billions of data points that enable robots to autonomously pick and place items on Day One. And with fleet learning, all connected Covariant robots around the world learn and improve over time. The Covariant Brain combined with the robotic system design ensures high sustained performance.


Whether you have a batch picking operation or process returns, the Covariant Robotic Putwall can help reduce costs and labor dependency by automating a significant labor-intensive operation in your warehouse.


Posted Date1/10/23
ContactAnu Saha
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