Summary of Innovation

A 2.6 oz, ambidextrously worn, standalone Android wearable barcode scanner that does not need a mobile computer to connect to, can write directly to the system of record from device (MQTT, Wifi, 5.0 BLE) without middleware, designed to also help reduce repetitive stress injuries as it is held in the neutral position and without the need to bend shoulder, elbow, or wrist pending on workflows. AMOLED touchscreen and 3 programmable buttons.

Innovation Statement

KEY DISTINCTION.. this solution is operated by a single thumb... giving the operator both their hands back to carry, move, write, pick up or whatever their role may require. This was designed to allow operators to work on the edge and let data flow back to the enterprise - fitting for IIoT initiatives.


With the current labor shortage, the HaloRing can help keep the existing workforce while increasing the key areas for productivity and efficiency.


Posted Date1/10/23
ContactTolgar Alpagut
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by IPCMobile (founded as Infinite Peripherals).

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