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Dock bumpers protect the loading dock, dock equipment, docked trailers and more. But what protects dock bumpers? Bumpers are subject to life-shortening, cheese-grater-like, wear-and-tear from docked trailers grinding up and down as heavyweight forklifts move in and out of them. Worn dock bumpers reach a point where they can no longer do their job, and this can result in dock damage, downtime, and repairs. Additionally, changing a traditional dock bumper is a laborious process requiring specialized tools and expertise.

As North American leaders in dock bumper manufacturing and sales, Ideal Warehouse Innovations R&D team has tackled the worn bumper problem to create our guaranteed for life, sliding dock bumper. The SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper, as the name suggests, slides up and down with the movement of the trailer butted against it, thus eliminating the friction and grind that leads to bumper failure.

Innovation Statement

The simple fact is that static bumpers fail. Period. And the busier the dock, the sooner they fail and damage occurs. The SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper’s patented mechanism eliminates bumper wear-and-tear with such efficacy, that we guarantee them for life. And, though unlikely, if a replacement pad is ever needed, a new one can be swapped in about a minute with no tools or training.


The SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper is the perfect bumper for almost any loading dock. Near maintenance-free, the SLIDE-effect® Dock Bumper not only protects your facilities, dock equipment, and trailers… it also protects itself.


Posted Date1/10/23
ContactVanessa Malus
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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