Summary of Innovation

While commonly used, manually deployed, trailer stands meet the need for protection against landing gear failure and trailer collapse, deployment requires a worker to be on foot in the loading dock approach at enormous risk from truck traffic, blind spots, and reversing trailers. Inspired by a customer who wanted to implement a lifesaving policy of no foot traffic in the dock approach, Ideal Warehouse Innovations have created a No Boots on the Ground® product line and the Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS) provides best-in-class trailer collapse prevention from a permanently positioned, easy-to-install trailer support.

Collapsed into a low-profile, speed-bump-like unit, the incoming trailer is easily backed over the GMTS into its dock position. When the cab departs, with the push of a button from safely inside the dock, the GMTS rises from the ground, in seconds, to support trailer and forklift working within.

Innovation Statement

As a glimpse into the automated dock of the future, the Ground Mounted Trailer Support (GMTS) delivers lifesaving, No Boots on the Ground® automation to the busy loading dock. Easily installed, simply deployed, the GMTS is an efficiency upgrade that pays for itself in labor and time savings.


A best-in-class trailer support system that prevents trailer collapse, keeps workers out of harm’s way, saves lives, and improves efficiency.


Posted Date1/10/23
ContactVanessa Malus
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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