Summary of Innovation

The manually deployed trailer stand is an excellent safety measure in busy loading docks, protecting workers and forklift drivers against landing gear failure and trailer collapse. However, while enhancing safety in the dock, workers on foot in the dock approach, needing to deploy trailer stands, face enormous risk from truck traffic coming and going, reversing trailers, and inevitable blind spots. The innovations team at Ideal Warehouse Innovations have created a No Boots on the Ground® (NBOTG) product line that allows businesses to keep foot traffic off the dock approach and out of harm’s way. Our Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0 is our newest NBOTG product.

The new Shuntable 2.0 is our most affordable NBOTG offering. Quickly and efficiently deployed by the yard jockey (or shunt truck), fitted with a lifting device, the Shuntable 2.0 also features a small footprint making it easy to store in the gap between dock positions.

Innovation Statement

It can be like rush hour in a busy loading dock and putting workers out to fend for themselves among the trucks and trailers, is not the safety experience many companies are hoping for. The No Boots on the Ground® Shuntable 2.0 is an excellent, additional layer of safety designed to save lives and make the loading dock an efficient link in the supply chain.


Our No Boots on the Ground® Shuntable Trailer Stand 2.0 prevents trailer collapse while safely keeping workers off the dock approach in an efficient manner.


Posted Date1/10/23
ContactVanessa Malus
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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