Summary of Innovation

Mobility applications help users create forms any time inventory is moved. Synkrato Mobility (launched in early 2022) is the first solution designed to work with all ERP and legacy systems. This simple and effective IT innovation makes mobile solutions available to every warehouse, regardless of the level of sophistication and existing systems.

Innovation Statement

Synkrato mobility provides a simple and accessible solution to track inventory for total warehouse management. It can be used for multiple warehouse functions by connecting to any desired software and transferring inventory data (as opposed to being limited to the most common ERP systems). Additionally, Synkrato mobility has been designed to be a no-code platform, so users can create new forms by simply dragging-and-dropping fields.


Synkrato mobility gives users full inventory control for fast, flexible, accurate operations. This solution provides an easy-to-use option for businesses to reduce transaction errors and improve warehouse throughput, ultimately freeing up resources.

Some relevant applications for attendees include:

- Picking inventory: locate and view inventory levels in real-time for optimal order preparation.

- Performing cycle counting: reduce cycle counting from days to hours. Simply walk around the warehouse and scan labels to enter stock availability.

- Putting away and moving inventory: instantly record how much, where, and who is moving inventory.

- Purchasing stock: view real-time stock quantities to avoid over-ordering and winding up with surplus stock.


Posted Date1/09/23
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