Summary of Innovation

Managing slotting algorithms in a spreadsheet is a labor-intensive and error-prone process, especially for warehouses with a high level of inventory coming in and going out. Synkrato’s slotting update, being launched at ProMat 2023, introduces a new algorithm that talks to digital twins to create an AI-driven warehouse.

Synkrato AI-driven slotting works in conjunction with a digital twin to select actionable data, perform simulations, and then provide on-going recommendations for each slot through a virtual warehouse interface. Eliminating spreadsheets and manual processes.

Innovation Statement

Synkrato AI-driven slotting connects with cutting-edge digital twin technology to continuously optimize material flow. Any inventory variation is immediately identified and analyzed using artificial intelligence.


Synkrato's AI-driven warehouse simplifies complex slotting activities and supports an agile operations strategy to meet organizations' ever-changing needs. Attendees can reduce order preparation time and costs; optimize facility space based on product size, storage requirements, and demand patterns; implement optimal pick-up paths to eliminate warehouse congestion; test facility layouts; and perform storage analysis.


Posted Date1/09/23
ContactMarta Call
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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