Summary of Innovation

A revolutionary approach to container-based material handling designed for logistic hubs, distribution centers and more. The Automated High-Bay Container Storage (AHBCS) solution from Konecranes utilizes a purpose built high-bay warehouse to impose order on the container chaos while eliminating operational complexity & management, improving throughput, and greatly reducing the space needed for container storage.
The fully automated solution, with a stacking capacity of up to 12 loaded or 14 empty containers, solves common issues faced within high-traffic, complex operations whilst reducing dependency on land requirement for container storage but up to 80%. Automated container tracking is part of a management system that can be easily integrated with the facility’s overall logistics management system.

Innovation Statement

The solution addresses common problems faced at distribution centres/logistic hubs with high demand on container management by capitalizing on efficiency, space, and processes through automation, container stacking (up to 12 loaded / 14 empty containers) and a retrieval/access time of 2-3 minutes. The system eliminates truck yard congestion, thus improving safety and ensuring fast truck turnaround times, significantly reducing trucking costs and pollution in the area.


If the attendee needs to manage/handle significant amounts of containers in a distribution context, then this system needs to be seen: it integrates, in a totally new way, both the inbound logistics and the distribution operations in one holistic logistical chain.


Posted Date1/09/23
ContactTero Vallas, Business Development Manager, Konecranes Port Solutions / tero.vallas@konecranes.com
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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