Summary of Innovation

Workforce planning and management is complex and adjusting in real-time can have a dramatic impact to the throughput of a warehouse. If the right workers or robots are not deployed correctly (and working together), work can pile up in one area or be lacking in another. Historically, planning and workforce deployment has been managed by humans. LogistiVIEW Resource Planning with Orchestration is changing that by organizing, distributing, and replanning work to get the most through the operation based on true worker performance, real-time events and known constraints (think rerouting in Google Maps – constantly reviewing current events and adjusting the plan for the most optimized results).

Innovation Statement

LogistiVIEW Resource Planning with Orchestration (WRPO) is taking workforce management and order selection to the next level by automatically planning and replanning in real-time based on projected and actual order mix, outbound schedules, workforce performance, and other constraints


Improved throughput for warehouse operations


Posted Date1/09/23
ContactDiane Jordan
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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