Summary of Innovation

Imagine a warehouse where unexpected shipments at the dock, unavailable workers, and last-minute orders are identified, analyzed, and addressed to avoid common daily disruptions.

Synkrato warehouse digital twin optimizes warehouses without interrupting daily activities by continually configuring operations based on real-time data, pulling data from multiple systems to provide actionable insights and dynamic virtual modeling of entire warehouse processes.

Moreover, Synkrato digital twin was built on Unity’s gaming platform to make the metaverse easily accessible to supply chain professionals. With Synkrato, users don’t need coding skills to create a virtual facility. As with popular video games, digital twins are created simply by dragging and dropping objects around a digital warehouse.

Innovation Statement

Synkrato simplifies artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) and makes these technologies available to supply chain professionals to create reliable, resilient, and scalable warehouses. Synkrato digital twin presents two key innovations:

- A digital twin that connects to and automatically receives live data, so it always represents its physical warehouse and can provide recommendations and actively monitor products, assets, and resources (as opposed to static digital twins).

- A no-code digital twin. Built on the Unity gaming platform, users create a warehouse digital twin without coding or IT skills.


Synkrato digital twin provides a significant advantage for users managing warehouses or distribution centers. With workforce and warehouse space shortages and tight delivery times, Synkrato digital twin optimizes supply chain operations using existing resources. Simply put, Synkrato digital twin users are able to do more with what they already have.

Using Synkrato, facility managers can:
- Optimize facility resource allocation using algorithms and pivot priorities with real-time data shared across the organization
- Test and validate facility layout and design without disrupting operations
- Reduce order preparation time and costs by detecting and removing bottlenecks
- Virtually view, predict, and evaluate entire processes and recommendations before applying them to a physical facility


Posted Date1/09/23
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