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Fully charged mobile robots at all times – this is the guarantee given by Wiferion, Europe’s leading supplier of mobile wireless power supply solutions for electric industrial vehicles, with its UL-certified fast battery charging system etaLINK 12000. Thanks to ‘in-process charging’, mobile robots always have precisely the quantity of energy that they need for their transport tasks. The automatic contactless charging system is faster, safer and easier than any other charging technology and has a charging capacity of 12 kW. Thanks to the high positioning tolerance, the transfer of energy is robust and reliable. Short circuiting is impossible.

etaLINK 12000 can be installed in a few quick steps. Because the system does not require plug-in or sliding contacts, the batteries can be charged automatically in-process. AGVs, AMRs and other industrial vehicles are charged as they work, not at the end of the shift, increasing the operating time of the vehicles by around 32%.

Innovation Statement

With our technology, users will never need to worry again about supplying power to their vehicle fleet. They will no longer have to cope with empty batteries and vehicles left idle. At the same time, productivity increases to an unprecedented level.


Companies that want to scale up their AGV fleets require a reliable, automated power supply if they wish to minimize downtimes and maximize productivity.


Posted Date1/09/23
ContactMatthieu Ebert / VP Wiferion North America
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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