Summary of Innovation

The SolaHD SCP-X Series Standalone IP67 Power Supplies by Emerson provide versatility and cost efficiency, delivering distributed and remote field power to machine controls. Rated IP66/67, they are able to mount directly on the machine or production line, eliminating the complexity and cost of unnecessary enclosures and excess wiring. The corrosion-resistant housing withstands dust and water while effectively dissipating heat, allowing for full power operation in ambient temperatures from -40 °C to +60 °C (-40 °F to +140 °F). The unit’s passive convection cooling efficiencies are so high, only one inch of free space is required on the sides and front of the unit. Quick change connectors simplify connectivity to distributed I/O devices on industrial machinery.

The SolaHD™ SCP-X Series Standalone IP67 Power Supplies by Emerson is available in a variety of configurations, meeting the diverse needs of automotive manufacturing, conveyor systems, and equipment where 24 Vdc power is required for geographically dispersed devices.

Innovation Statement

IP67-rated SCP-X Series power supplies can be mounted almost anywhere on a machine, conveyor, or wall, with no enclosure required. Quick-connect cables ensure the IP67 rating and eliminate costly wiring.


Providing clean power, reducing downtime, and eliminating arc flash safety hazards, the SCP-X Power Supplies solve the toughest challenges within the automotive manufacturing and material handling industries, and beyond.


Posted Date1/05/23
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