Summary of Innovation

The StepBumper offers unprecedented heavy-duty low-level protection that prevents injuries and damage in vehicle charging areas, goods holding areas and pedestrian walkways. The dangers in these areas of the workplace can lead to pedestrian injuries, damaged infrastructure and costly downtime. The StepBumper is a modular, easy-to-install solution that can withstand tremendous impacts thanks to the Monoplex polymer and thoughtful engineering involved in the manufacture of the this product. As a result, StepBumper offers a high level of protection to pedestrians, while also protecting company assets from accidental collisions.

Innovation Statement

StepBumper's innovation comes from its simple application and installation, the engineering involved in its bounce-back design which gives it incredible durability and the use of Monoplex, a highly elastic yet durable polymer that delivers strength and resilience. Taken all together, StepBumper is a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution to improve safety in a high-traffic environment.


StepBumper can be used in many types of facilities. Install it along pedestrian walkways, in front of PIT charging stations, in front of product holding areas, at the base of important infrastructure and anywhere that low-level fork-intrusion may occur.


Posted Date1/04/23
ContactJohn Simcoe
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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