Summary of Innovation

The A42T Autonomous Case-picking Robot is the first goods-to-person equipment that allows facilities to store items up to 10m (32+ feet) high - while remaining independent of any storage medium. It is highly intelligent, able to handle most totes sizes and types, even cardboard boxes, on standard industry shelving structures. Comparable systems often require unique and expensive custom structures and totes to function, but the A42T is a revolutionary robotic design, freeing facilities of the old rigid ASRS constructs.

This A42T provides maximum system flexibility typically seen with AMR or AGV technology while allowing facilities to obtain modern warehouse density with maximum use of vertical storage. This robot manages the storage and retrieval of goods in vertical space 5x higher than standard AMR technologies. It provides workflow efficiency and speed gains often seen in grid-based or shuttle systems while utilizing industry standard storage material.

Innovation Statement

Historically, automation has been able to provide speed, density, or flexibility. In recent years, modern goods to person technologies are able to provide 2 of the 3 critical elements to automation. The A42T is the first technology to provide all 3: speed, density, and flexibility, to the warehouse.


The first goods-to-person Autonomous Case-picking Robot that allows facilities to store items up to 10m (32+ feet) high in an ASRS and is intelligent enough to manage almost any tote, cardboard carton, or shelving structure – providing modern density and speed gains with no unnecessary costs.


Posted Date1/03/23
ContactRebecca Lennartz
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Hai Robotics U.S.A. Inc.

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