Summary of Innovation

A Cost Efficient, Easy Installation and Low Cost of Ownership solution for Fall Prevention Gates in Pick Modules, specifically Pallet Flow that is OSHA Compliant. This Gate System is designed like no other taking the phrase, "outside the box" to a unique and "why didn't I think of this" solution. The PalletFlow Pro addresses the End Users needs in Pick Modules for Fall Prevention but also Operational excellence.

Innovation Statement

The PalletFlow Pro does not have swing gates, no pull up or down gates nor does it require personnel involvement. The Gate simply folds down in between pallet rollers when the Bay is charged and then back upright when a pallet is not in place rendering the position/bay as having a compliant fall prevention system.


OSHA's preverbally number 1 reportable incident year after year is "falls", this system can reduce reportable incidences and financial repercussions in the event of a fall.


Posted Date12/22/22
ContactMark McLain
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Garlock Safety Systems.

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