Summary of Innovation

Leopard Cube solves the expensive issue of awkward freight dimensioning and associated cost leakage. Combining the latest rugged mobile scanning computers with durable measuring tape technology and a real-time data management solution, Leopard Cube efficiently captures, stores, and communicates measurement data of parcels, palletised, under-declared and ugly freight.
Leopard Cube uses the latest API configurable, rugged mobile hardware and pioneering configurations that support the latest wearable and sensor technology to deliver a true hands-free approach to freight data capture and processing for high volume sites.

Innovation Statement

Leopard Cube is a cost-effective, legal-for-trade portable dimensional cubing solution that stops revenue leakage caused by non-conveyable, oversized, under-declared and ugly freight. Through integration with the latest wearable and sensor technology, Leopard Cube also delivers freight-measurement efficiency for high volume sites.


Leopard Cube's freight dimensioning innovation supports the postal and T&L sector move into the future with freight dimensioning that's quicker, easier and perfectly accurate no matter the awkwardness of freight. This scalable, affordable technology maximizes cost-efficiency and enhances workflow supporting our industry achieve more with less.


Posted Date12/19/22
ContactIrine Petroulias
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Leopard Systems.

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