Summary of Innovation

Revolution Street WXS is the Warehouse eXcellence System. Having gotten tired of always writing WCS/WES and having to explain the difference to our customers, we started writing WXS and it stuck. The WXS uses Open Source languages, has no on-going license fees, is browser based, has features & modules all the way from Maintenance to Operations to Management, and frees the user from the chains to that typically bound a customer to a software company.

Innovation Statement

The WXS uses modern languages and methods that align with modern technology. Browser based with many features that put the power of WCS/WES in control of the user.


Putting the control of WCS/WES into the Warehouse User.


Posted Date12/19/22
ContactRobert Ward
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by Pendant Automation.

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