Summary of Innovation

VNP15 is designed for materials handling in complex scenarios, covering horizontal transfer, multi-layer goods stacking, Rack access scenarios, with various goods like pallets, racks, bales, paper rolls and other goods. With VisionNav's 3D positioning, sensing, motion control and scheduling technologies, VNP15 can interface with WMS/WCS/MES systems and enable autonomous positioning and adaptive pick-and-place cargo to meet the requirements of high efficiency, high precision (+-3mm, +-0.3°) and rapid deployment, helping users achieve ROI within 1-3 years. In addition, VNP15 has CE ISO3691-4 safety certification.

Innovation Statement

By utilizing advanced 3D technology, VNP15 enables cost-effective material handling for various carriers in wide range of application scenarios.


VNP15 is highly automated and can be adapted to complex logistics scenarios with rapid deployment, highly efficient, and more stable performance.


Posted Date12/13/22
ContactIris Chen
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by VisionNav Robotics.

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