Summary of Innovation

SortIE is a fully autonomous robotic “put-to-wall'' sorting system that performs intelligent sorting at very high speeds AND different heights. This enables easy, rapid picking and can be easily integrated with existing conveying systems (including conveyors, robots, and manual transport) with no impact on ongoing operations and systems already in place.

Innovation Statement

SortIE is a fast-moving scalable solution for rapid and efficient order fulfillment. Unlike any robot in the warehouse automation industry, SortIE requires no human intervention and can increase productivity by up to 450 sorts per hour. "IE" in the name stands for "Intelligently" and "Efficiently".


The SortIE system is ideal for industries like e-commerce, third-party logistics, fast-moving consumer goods, and retail due to its quick order sequencing and sortation. This allows for faster dispatch of large order quantities. SortIE has a speed of 3 meters per second (6.7 miles per hour), allowing quick turnaround cycles, and combined with a Zippy sorting solution, it can also increase the number of destinations on a smaller footprint.


Posted Date12/12/22
ContactLuke Lee
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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