Summary of Innovation

4-way shuttle ASRS SLS600 can move horizontally across different aisles as well as moving vertically to different levels via shuttle lift. r, which enables great flexibility for the storage and retrieval operation either by increasing or decreasing the number of shuttle carts, or freely group the existing shuttles in which ever pattern to cope with peak requirement. so to improve the efficiency of inbound and outbound operation.

Innovation Statement

The 4-way shuttle ASRS SLS600 series' can not only adapt to the throughput request under normal circumstances, but also full fill short term peak throughput request for particular zone. This solution solves the problem of over investment only for short term peak request.


The 4-way shuttle ASRS SLS600 series is particularly suitable for low average throughput in general, yet short term high throughput for particular SKU. such as spare parts warehouse, libraries and so on.


Posted Date12/12/22
ContactAmanda xia
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by HWACHANG Intralogistics Technology Co, LTD.

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