Summary of Innovation

The Lost & Found functionality is the latest extension of ProGlove’s Insight Visibility platform. This new feature enhances ProGlove’s advanced device management capabilities to help prevent the loss of devices. Even though wearable scanners rarely get lost or misplaced, mishaps still occur – for instance when workers get reassigned or randomly drop the device after their shift. Lost & Found is a set of functionalities that provide current and past connections so that you understand where a device has been used. Additionally, you can have devices registered upon their return. These data points are displayed in Insight Visibility so that you can easily locate your devices or search for them where they were last used. In combination with Insight Visibility’s over the air update capabilities, organizations can save valuable time configuring and updating their ProGlove scanners. There is no more need for users to have operators turn in their devices or have IT personnel walk across the shopfloor to perform maintenance jobs. With Insight Visibility it’s easy as pie and can be done from one central location. Furthermore, Insight Visibility enables business to benefit from powerful functionalities such as predictive maintenance to prevent disruptions and many others.

Innovation Statement

Locate all your ProGlove scanners to avoid the loss of your devices and effortlessly update them over the air.


Drastically reduce the time needed to locate devices and maintain them.


Posted Date12/06/22
ContactAlyce Adams
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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