Summary of Innovation

Effortlessly scan all 1D and 2D barcodes from 4 inches to 20 feet with no adjustments necessary. MARK 3 enables users to do just that. Thanks to its autofocus, this wearable glove scanner automatically aligns with the barcode to be captured. Thus, adjusting to a particular scanning distance is a thing of the past. Need to scan from a moving vehicle or from a ramp into a truck? No problem at all. Worried about picking errors? Forget it! MARK 3 comes with an optional feedback functionality that combines a visual, audio and haptic signal to help ensure a correct picking routine.

MARK 3 is the size of a matchbox and weighs only about 2 ounces. Depending on the environment, this means that workers have to lift up to 1.5 metric tons less in a single day. MARK 3 can do up to 12,000 scans per battery charge and recharges in less than two hours. Its rugged and splash-resistant design (IP 65) makes MARK 3 an ideal choice for industrial companies with both indoor and outdoor applications.

Innovation Statement

MARK 3 is a unique multi-range barcode scanner for indoor and outdoor applications. It enables users to effortlessly scan any barcode from 4 inches to 20 feet with no need to adjust.


MARK 3 saves up to 5 seconds per barcode scan. Assuming a total of 4,000 scans per shift and based on a two-shift operation, this amounts to a saving of approximately 40,000 seconds per day.


Posted Date12/06/22
ContactAlyce Adams
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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