Summary of Innovation

The New Age Industrial 51901 Raised Platform Picking Pallet with Shelf promotes simple product loading, unloading and inventory management in warehouses and distribution centers. The platform easily secures to an order picker locking mechanism with its replaceable, solid oak block, allowing the order picker to enter from any angle in the open pocket. A stop is featured for safety, preventing the operator from stepping onto the pallet itself. The shelf on top is set at a comfortable, ergonomic working height and is used for small case and quick pick items or as an inventory control desk. This heavy duty, all aluminum product will never rust or corrode and is Proudly Made in the USA!

Innovation Statement

It is smaller, lighter, and easier to handle than traditional picking platforms and it's specifically designed with safety in mind. This dual-purpose item is used for both small item picking and inventory management.


This lightweight and compact platform is ideal for easy loading and unloading product while providing quick and safe accessibility for handling small products and inventory paperwork.


Posted Date12/02/22
ContactMegan Keiswetter
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by New Age Industrial Corporation, Inc..

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