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Trelleborg looks to significantly improve material handling operations with the launch of its latest tire solution for maximum intensity applications, the XP1000. The tire provides customers moving materials around ports, warehouses, and shop floors, with optimum traction and minimal vibration to bring greater comfort, increased safety, lower fuel consumption and a longer tire life for more cost effective and sustainable operations.
Luca Sabelli, Product Manager Material Handling at Trelleborg Wheel Systems, remarks: “We have worked hard to make sure our tires are ready for next generation material handling vehicles and the intense jobs they’re required to perform. We want to give our customers a high-performance tire promising greater durability, more stability and comfort, while reducing the environmental impact – even when handling heavy duty jobs. The XP1000 tire does all that – and more.”

Innovation Statement

Trelleborg Delivers Maximum Performance and Minimum Waste with its New XP1000 Tire Solution


The XP1000 includes Trelleborg’s Pit Stop Line technology which lets operators know the right time to replace their tires so they can get the most out of them and reduce waste.


Posted Date12/02/22
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