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On-floor travel time is widely acknowledged as the critical driver in lowering labor costs and retaining workers in the distribution center. According to Lucas Systems Voice of the Warehouse Worker Insights, workers spend more than a third (38%) of their day walking to different places between tasks and assignments.

Lucas Systems Dynamic Work Optimization solution attacks this travel problem uniquely, using AI that improves picking productivity, reduces travel and optimizes labor with innovative intelligent task allocation and machine learning based analytics for order batching, prioritization, and travel path optimization.

Embodied in Jennifer™, the brains, orchestration engine and voice of the software, the solution dramatically reduces travel in picking operations by optimizing assignments of work and by defining optimal pick sequences or pick paths through an industry-first process we introduced in 2017. Utilizing multiple Lucas algorithms and a digital map of the DC, Lucas Dynamic Work Optimization:

· Reduces travel 30-70%

· Reduces labor needed up to 50%

· Reduces picking hours by 50%

· Increases productivity by up to 122%

More than two dozen DCs are using this technology today. Many have doubled productivity in piece picking, while others have seen double-digit productivity gains in case picking. This software approach to travel reduction does not require any new automation systems or changes to warehouse layouts or storage systems. And the same technology can be used to automate robots and people, working together through intelligent work orchestration. For example, while Jennifer™ orchestrates and optimizes within picking zones, a DC can add robots for conveyance between pick zones or other staging locations. This can further reduce worker travel to and from fixed drop off or induction points. Likewise, Jennifer™ can be used to optimize the travel of robots for full pallet moves, both in inbound and outbound operations reducing the total number of robots needed to do the work.

Innovation Statement

Lucas Dynamic Work Optimization is AI-based software that dramatically reduces warehouse worker travel, increases picking accuracy, and generates immediate productivity gains without changing systems.


Our AI-based warehouse software, Lucas Dynamic Work Optimization, is the beating heart of successful DC operations saving millions of dollars for our customers.


Posted Date12/02/22
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