Summary of Innovation

The only retrofit horizontally storing dock leveler in North America with telescoping lip design for precise control of lip placement on the trailer, resulting in safer and more efficient loading.

Innovation Statement

TLH RETROFIT solves end loading issues with precise lip extension. Safety is increase by horizontal storing improving line of sight and eliminating stuck truck without compromising the dock seal.


1. Uniquely Efficient: Precise control of the telescoping lip eliminates costly and inefficient end loading issues.
2. Horizontally Storing: Exclusive telescoping lip design provides the safety of horizontal storage without sacrificing the 4-corner seal at the dock.
3. Retrofits into Standard Pit: Designed to fit an existing 6x8’ or 7’x8’ dock pit


Posted Date12/02/22
ContactNick Jerome
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CategoryBest Innovation of an Existing Product

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Submitted by NORDOCK.

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