Summary of Innovation

Peakboard is an all-in-one solution of hardware and software for communicating and networking data from a wide variety of sources easily, efficiently and individually in real time on displays - exactly where they are needed. By visualizing process data in real time, managers in the office or workers at individual industrial workstations can make better decisions, optimize processes and control them more efficiently.

Innovation Statement

We want to enable people in companies to make better decisions, optimize their processes, and to be able to manage them more efficiently. All over the world, people are concerned with one central question: Where are we standing in our processes right now in our processes and where should we actually be standing? The answer is communicating process data in real time.
- Individual: customizable for every workstation
- Flexible: Interactive solutions for all interfaces and applications
- Efficient: Lightning-fast, automated processing, and communication in real time
- Decentralized: Independent data visualization, no central server required


With Peakboard, specialist departments in production and logistics optimize their processes through greater transparency. The all-in-one solution consisting of software and hardware collects data from different data sources, analyzes it and visualizes it on screens in real time. The hardware, the Peakboard Box, processes and communicates the data streams in a decentralized manner, thus conserving resources directly at the industrial workstation. Customers choose Peakboard because the specialist department can introduce Peakboard independently and adapt it flexibly.


Posted Date12/01/22
ContactNina Berger
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CategoryBest IT Innovation

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