Summary of Innovation

The E Series Pallet Robot is a disruptive intelligent pallet robot in the industry. It is a perfect fusion of an AGV-shaped robot and unmanned forklift function, which can directly carry pallets without additional carriers. It can accomplish difficult movements such as rotating in place and arbitrary arc motion. It supports extremely narrow road passage and intensive storage, which can increase the storage rate by at least 30%.

Innovation Statement

Original mechanical structure design, with retractable and liftable fork arm module, can directly carry ground pallets without racking, reducing construction cost and difficulty, unique in the market. It can be directly docked with manual forklift and hoist to realize the lifting of goods from the ground to a certain height to meet the docking demand with the conveying line and can be docked with the robot to meet the needs of the unmanned scenario of depalletization.

The E Series Pallet Robot system platform software follows the design principles of standardization, modularization and visualization, and supports dominant browsers on the market such as WINDOWS and Linux, providing powerful backup monitoring software for the robot to perform inspection tasks. Considering the openness and compatibility to the outside world, it is easy to integrate into WMS and MES systems, which can greatly improve the level of unmanned safety management on the factory site. The addition of QR code navigation and SLAM navigation function makes large-scale cluster scheduling more convenient.

Our products break the shackles by using 360-degree LIDAR and 3D TOF camera for obstacle avoidance, allowing the robot to see the 3D three-dimensional world and improve its obstacle avoidance efficiency. Quickly identify common industrial obstacles such as workers, forklifts, machine tool machines, etc. to achieve safe obstacle avoidance. Based on the actual situation, the robot calls the stored map without manual call, completely freeing the user's hands. In addition, on the way of driving, if there is someone or obstacle 4 meters ahead, etc., it will automatically voice alert until it stops automatically after 1 meter ahead in order to ensure safety.

The HMI screen presents a certain slope to provide easier access for daily monitoring and operation, and the edge position is also convenient for the operator to manipulate. With the red all-round emergency stop button, the color is more prominent and convenient for the staff to identify quickly in case of emergency. Meanwhile, the debugging module for daily use is located at the rear of the robot, which is more convenient for staff to carry out daily maintenance and debugging.


The robot height is the lowest in the industry, with less fork arm lifting time and high efficiency. With very light weight, but strong power and load capacity, it can reach 4:1 load to weight ratio and can lift and carry up to 1.2 tons of cargo. Besides, the product adopts the standard chassis design, and the execution parts such as roller line and robot arm can be added to the standard chassis to adapt to more scenarios.


Posted Date11/24/22
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