Summary of Innovation

The BALYO VEENY autonomous forklift completely automates the placing and retrieval of pallets for warehouses and distribution centers that are looking to maximize space. AGVs aren't new, but with BALYO you get the intersection of AMR intelligence and the power of forklift trucks. This robotic truck is equipped with unique 3D pallet detection and 360° Smart Safety System, which makes it one of the safest trucks on market.

Thanks to its navigation system without infrastructure, the VEENY offers you reliable solutions to achieve major cost savings while maintaining flexibility in your operations. The VEENY robotic VNA easily integrates in your environment and allows, for the first time, a collaboration between humans and robots in a shared workspace.

Innovation Statement

In addition to all of its onboard intelligence for completely autonomous pallet placing and retrieval, the BALYO VEENY is the first VNA to reach a height of 17m.


With the rising costs of real estate and the need for supply chain efficiency to get more goods to market, up is the direction to go with racking in warehouses and distribution centers. In addition, labor is becoming more costly and harder to find making autonomous forklifts that require no changes to your existing infrastructure an easy formula to calculate.


Posted Date11/16/22
ContactRobert Patey
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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