Summary of Innovation

Contoro has developed an automated solution for offloading floor loaded containers AND can also be used to automate many functions within the warehousing industry. The robot can autonomously pick up cases, recognize the SKU/LOT text, and palletize the cases. When the robot meets a challenge it can't solve through AI, an operator using Contoro's exoskeleton can telemanipulate and pilot the robot from anywhere in the world.

Innovation Statement

Contoro's technology will unlock the unlimited potential of teleoperation – the ability to remotely control robots from anywhere in the world. Contoro's approach uses various AI technologies and allows human operators to help in situations where the AI fails. The AI continues to learn from those human interactions, enhancing its automation abilities over time. Our technology can be applied to many industries, such as warehouse, factories, agriculture, home, and office services. Contoro desires to solve labor problems in previously impossible applications by combining robotics and human intelligence.


As warehouse labor continues to constrain the warehouse industry, most organizations are looking to reduce their exposure and automate their processes. Forecasts also demonstrate that container and chassis availability will add further stress to the supply chain. The need to turn containers and chassis with less labor continues to be a strong priority for 3PLs and logistics companies. Contoro's robot's first application is palletizing floor loaded freight by SKU/LOT. Contoro also recognizes the needs of the warehouse industry to down stack pallets, cull through damages, build display ready pallets, and load floor loaded containers. In the future these applications can be automated using Contoro's solution.


Posted Date10/19/22
ContactJohn Cook
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CategoryBest New Innovation

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Submitted by Contoro Robotics.

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