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1) From Data to Action: Analyze, Prepare, Respond
Starts 11:45 AM Ends 12:30 PM Date Monday, April 12
Location Theater F Sponsor Vanderlande Industries, Inc.

2020 has shown how quickly an industry or an economy can change. How businesses react and cope with those changes can be the difference between boom and bust. In this session our material handling experts will discuss how to tackle these challenges through Tactical and Operational Planning (TOP). ...

2) 30 Day Roadmap: Cut Waste, Drive Labor Efficiencies, and Profitably Serve Customers Using Data You Already Have
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Tuesday, April 13
Location Theater D Sponsor Easy Metrics Inc.

If your distribution operation has a WMS of any kind, chances are you already have enough data to unlock insights that will give you the power to make better decisions, serve customers better and faster, and profitably compete in the market. Wouldn’t it be great to have all that data at your fingertips, ...

3) The Truth About Distribution Data: Why Companies Struggle to Use It and How Companies are Succeeding
Starts 11:45 AM Ends 12:30 PM Date Tuesday, April 13
Location Theater C Sponsor Longbow Advantage

Distribution operations are unique in the world of supply chain data. The systems that run your warehouses generate mass volumes of data every second of the day, and they generate much more data than any other area of the supply chain. Many organizations face challenges in accessing this data in real-time ...

4) New Wonders of Voice Technology and What They Make Possible
Starts 1:45 PM Ends 2:30 PM Date Tuesday, April 13
Location Theater A Sponsor Ehrhardt Partner Group

What a challenging year we all have been through. Every business has been forced to challenge previous perceptions of the world that we all now live and operate in. While voice technology has been in use for over twenty years, technology has progressed phenomenally and some of the new wonders voice technology ...

5) Transform and Grow : Supercharging your Direct and Indirect Sales teams
Starts 2:45 PM Ends 3:30 PM Date Tuesday, April 13
Location Theater F Sponsor ManoByte

Today’s increasingly complex sales distribution channel environment is becoming more digital. How do you implement the right technology for your sales teams and distribution channel partners that will help them grow better? This seminar will show you how to utilize content, technology, and best practices ...

6) 3 Fundamentals for Better Supply Chain KPI’s
Starts 3:45 PM Ends 4:30 PM Date Tuesday, April 13
Location Theater C Sponsor Blue Horseshoe

Key performance indicators (KPI) are an important part of running your supply chain, but it’s not always clear what KPI’s are most important for your business. Many companies still struggle to accurately report on supply chain performance, as well as find and fill the gaps in data collection and reporting. ...