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1) Transformation Doesn’t Have to Wait
Starts 3:30 PM Ends 4:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 21
Location Theater F Sponsor Koerber Supply Chain Software

Today’s businesses are facing a long and constantly-changing list of challenges within their supply chain operations including, labor shortages and demands for faster shipping. The need for companies to implement high performing, flexible and reliable supply chain solutions is now more important than ...

2) Get Started with Robots-as-a-Service to Immediately Increase Productivity and Supplement Labor
Starts 3:30 PM Ends 4:15 PM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Emerging Technologies Theater Sponsor RIOS Intelligent Machines

With a limited amount of labor resources on any given day inside a facility, robotic automation is the key to maintaining and increasing production. A new breed of quick deploying, cost-efficient robotic intelligent machines are available to automate dexterous and labor-intensive tasks such as end-of-line ...

3) Workflows > Robots: How re-engineering workflows will unleash the combined potential of worker and automation in the warehouse of today
Starts 3:30 PM Ends 4:15 PM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Theater F Sponsor Vecna Robotics

The current supply chain crisis has definitively confirmed the need for automation to keep up with the growing global logistics volume. In every geography, warehouse operators simply cannot hire enough material handlers to keep pace with demand, and robotics and automation is the inevitable next step. ...