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1) The Everyday AGV - How automating everyday tasks can make a BIG Impact
Starts 2:15 PM Ends 3:00 PM Date Monday, March 20
Location Theater H Sponsor Jungheinrich

Just imagine, it’s 2024… and your material handling processes are more efficient than ever. Staffing isn’t an issue. Operator turnover is a thing of the past. Whether it’s manufacturing or distribution, your throughput numbers are consistent and primed for maximum output. This is a future you can ...

2) Using Lift Truck Positioning Technology to Maximum Effect
Starts 2:15 PM Ends 3:00 PM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Theater C Sponsor Jungheinrich

Real-time positioning information for material handling fleets is all the buzz these days. Everywhere you turn someone is offering up their solution. But what does that really mean? What options are out there, what are the capabilities and limitations, and how can you best use the available technologies ...