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1) How to Modernize your Warehouse without Doing a Rebuild
Starts 12:15 PM Ends 1:00 PM Date Monday, March 20
Location Robotics Theater Sponsor inVia Robotics, Inc.

In this session we'll explain how intelligent technologies – specifically digitization and automation – can be added to your existing facilities and operations. They will help you eliminate inefficiencies and better utilize your existing resources, without requiring an expensive rebuild. We'll show ...

2) How Micro Deployments Accelerate Success and Time to Value
Starts 12:15 PM Ends 1:00 PM Date Tuesday, March 21
Location Robotics Theater Sponsor SVT Robotics

The digital revolution ushered in the launch of new automation technologies and operational processes to go along with them. But even today’s automation opportunities are still bogged down with outdated implementation practices. The answer to those challenges can be found in micro deployments. This ...

3) Next Gen Order Fulfillment Powered by Flexible Robotics
Starts 12:15 PM Ends 1:00 PM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Robotics Theater Sponsor Mujin

Customers have been asked to choose between implementing a manual process or investing in a large, costly ASRS solutions for order fulfillment, with few options in between available in the market. Due to trending labor shortages, manual fulfillment operations have proven to be flexible but not scalable. ...