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1) nEwCommerce: E-Commerce’s Effect on SC Network, Facility Design, and Real Estate Strategies
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Tuesday, March 21
Location Theater A Sponsor St. Onge Company

This seminar will communicate how the growth of e-commerce (including the acceleration of that growth triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic and the aftermath) has affected supply chain networks (facility locations and mission), facility design for both major hubs and last mile e-commerce facilities and ...

2) 3PL Landscape & Selection Strategies
Starts 3:00 PM Ends 3:45 PM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Theater D Sponsor St. Onge Company

Session will provide information on that state of the 3PL industry, how to select an appropriate 3PL partner; as well as how to convince prospects you would be an appropriate 3PL partner.

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