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1) CSS (Conveyor and Sortation Systems) of MHI presents: Adoption of Automated Conveyance and Sortation Systems
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Tuesday, March 21
Location Theater G Sponsor MHI

Today’s warehouses are changing to become more agile, more scalable and more adaptable to the shifting trends of consumer demand. This impacts the conveyor and sortation systems in many ways but one consistent theme is the addition of automation and information solutions that enable these outcomes. ...

2) ASRS (Automated Storage/Retrieval Systems) of MHI presents: Reality Check: How ASRS Assists in the Digitization of the Supply Chain
Starts 1:30 PM Ends 2:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 21
Location Theater G Sponsor MHI

Panel Discussion: The fragility of many supply chains was brutally exposed during the outbreak of the pandemic: poor visibility, lack of information, lengthy lead times, missing inventory, lack of manpower, over corrections, and the list goes on. Some companies fared much better than others, thanks to ...

3) TRG (The Robotics Group) of MHI presents: Integrating in Workflows
Starts 2:15 PM Ends 3:00 PM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Theater G Sponsor MHI

Integrating workflows in your operations is a critical task – and can make or break your facility. But have you considered all the aspects that impact your operations at an enterprise level? On this panel we will discuss integrating robotics with humans and other standard automation including utilizing ...