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1) The 6 Principles of a Best-in-Class Rack Safety Program
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Theater A Sponsor Damotech, Inc.

The burden of liability and ever-increasing operating expenses encourage warehouse owners to seek trusted strategies to help them improve safety while reducing maintenance costs. Rack safety expert Marc Rousseau will show you a strategic framework based on best practices. You will leave the session ...

2) 10 Racking Mistakes Warehouse Managers Must Avoid
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Thursday, March 23
Location Theater G Sponsor Damotech, Inc.

Warehouses are bustling with the constant movement of people, merchandise, and equipment, creating the perfect environment for incidents to occur. How do you inspect, operate and maintain your pallet racks to keep your people and inventory safe and costs down? Charles Carbonneau (Ph.D.), head of an ...