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1) Optimize Automated Warehouse Productivity through Storage Type and Distribution Network Analysis
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Monday, March 20
Location Emerging Technologies & Sustainability Theater Sponsor Conveyor Solutions Inc. (a Systems In Motion Company)

Ecentria, the Destination for All Things Gear: thousands of brands, millions of products, countless how-to guides and reviews. All powered by their proprietary eBusiness Platform and driven by their unrivaled expertise. Experiencing rapid growth, come hear how Ecentria is evaluating and automating their ...

2) Cutting Through the Noise: How to look beyond technology and meet business objectives
Starts 11:30 AM Ends 12:15 PM Date Monday, March 20

Your inbox is full of noise. As you walk the tradeshow floor – noise. The supply chain industry is rapidly growing and evolving. In no other time have we seen so many technologies enter the marketplace, and they are all vying for your attention, adding to the noise. Along with that, the fierce competition ...

3) CSS (Conveyor and Sortation Systems) of MHI presents: Adoption of Automated Conveyance and Sortation Systems
Starts 10:30 AM Ends 11:15 AM Date Tuesday, March 21
Location Theater G Sponsor MHI

Today’s warehouses are changing to become more agile, more scalable and more adaptable to the shifting trends of consumer demand. This impacts the conveyor and sortation systems in many ways but one consistent theme is the addition of automation and information solutions that enable these outcomes. ...

4) The Perfect Match: Critical Relationships of Mobile Automation and Storage Systems
Starts 1:30 PM Ends 2:15 PM Date Tuesday, March 21
Location Theater A Sponsor Advanced Intralogistics, A Shoppa's Company

Everyone wants automation, but what is the necessary infrastructure needed to make it happen? Too often, infrastructure and small details get overlooked or neglected, as there is too much attention given to the “shiny new objects” rather than consideration for all that is needed to make a system successful. AGVs ...

5) CSS (Conveyor and Sortation Systems) of MHI presents: Machine & Operational Safety for Conveyors
Starts 3:00 PM Ends 3:45 PM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Theater H Sponsor MHI

Are you concerned with the operational safety of your conveyance & sortation systems? Is your system safe for both operators and operations? With more warehouse & material handling systems becoming automated the safety of operators and operations is coming to the forefront of the conversation. Machines ...

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