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1) Bringing Automation to the Masses
Starts 1:15 PM Ends 2:00 PM Date Wednesday, March 22
Location Robotics & Automation Theater Sponsor Daifuku

While automation has been front and center for many, it's remained on the fringe for many others.  Current market conditions such as a shrinking labor force and shifting skill sets are motivating  stragglers to further investigate the benefits of automation. Overcoming perceived obstacles and reimagining ...

2) Retrofitting for Today's Reality: How to Plan for Peak Volumes with Labor Shortages
Starts 1:15 PM Ends 2:00 PM Date Tuesday, March 21
Location Robotics & Automation Theater Sponsor Schaefer Systems International, Inc.

Learn how consumer behavior and labor markets are spurring today’s reality and how companies leverage automation as a solution. Consumers are changing shopping behaviors, and retailers need to accommodate to compete. E-commerce is fueling the increase in consumer demand even as labor shortages are the ...

3) On-Demand Apparel Manufacturer Accelerates Order Entry to Delivery with Flexible Automation
Starts 1:15 PM Ends 2:00 PM Date Monday, March 20
Location Robotics & Automation Theater Sponsor Zebra Technologies Corp.

With a minimum order quantity of one and a goal to create and ship product within 24 hours, discover how BMC, an on-demand manufacturer of clothing and home goods opted for autonomous mobile robots to move materials among its 120 sewing stations rather than inflexible roller conveyors. Join us for a ...