SponsorYale Material Handling Corporation
DateMonday, March 20, 2023
Time12:15 PM - 1:00 PM
LocationRobotics & Automation Theater

What You Will Learn

The MHI annual industry report expects adoption of robotics and automation to reach 79% in the next five years. With warehouse turnover consistently high, robots are becoming an increasingly appealing option to relieve dependence on a transient labor pool.

But do you really know what tasks can be automated in your warehouse?

This session will share real-world use cases to help you understand what’s possible with robotic lift trucks as you plan your automation journey.

One way to understand a robotic lift truck is to think of it as an “autonomous mobile robot (AMR) with forks,” capable of moving material throughout a facility, from floor positions to racking. One company has saved tens of millions of dollars in their distribution centers by automating picks and drops in high bay racking up to 34 feet tall.

And that’s just scratching the surface. This session will challenge you to think beyond simply using robotic units to take on applications currently handled by standard lift trucks. Instead, automation can unlock new workflows and enable you to get the most out of limited available labor. For example, rather than moving just one pallet at a time with a manually operated lift truck, discover how a parcel processing operation created a more efficient workflow through an automated tugger solution that groups and transports multiple pallets at once.

Join this session to understand how robotic technology can automate a range of horizontal transportation and vertical storage tasks, including six common use cases that allow operations to realize the greatest benefit from robotic lift trucks.

Key Takeaways

- Understand the technology that enables robotic lift trucks to handle vertical storage and horizontal transportation tasks
- See proven, real-world robotic lift truck use cases that drive return on investment (ROI)


Nic Temple Yale Materials Handling Corporation Director, Robotics and Automation

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Seminar sponsored by Yale Material Handling Corporation.

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