SponsorOPEX Corporation
DateTuesday, March 21, 2023
Time3:45 PM - 4:30 PM
LocationTheater B

What You Will Learn

According to new research, labor makes up 60–65% of the total cost of warehouse fulfillment, not including shipping. Driven by the boom in ecommerce, industry headcount has increased by 14% over the past year, but productivity levels have not kept the same pace.
Now let’s add the cost of human error to this depleting bottom line. Warehouse picking error rates hover around one to three percent with the average cost of an error ranging from $50-300, resulting in an 11-13% drain on profitability. In addition, the rising cost of warehouse space is also a concern, particularly as costs multiply when you consider the wasted vertical space.
In this session Drew Stevens, Vice President of Global Business Development, Warehouse Automation at OPEX®, will dive into these trends and more to show how the cost of NOT automating far exceeds the cost to implement a warehouse automation strategy.

Key Takeaways

? A look at the latest research and data insights about how the growing costs due to labor, error and storage are impacting your balance sheet;
? Real world examples of OPEX customers big and small that are ‘storing smarter’ with warehouse automation solutions;
? Tips and tools to assess your needs and identify an approach to improve your bottom line with warehouse automation


Drew Stevens OPEX Vice President of Global Business Development and Warehouse Automation

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Seminar sponsored by OPEX Corporation.

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