SponsorSchaefer Systems International, Inc.
DateMonday, March 20, 2023
Time11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
LocationTheater B

What You Will Learn

While it sounds easy enough, building a high bay warehouse includes various steps and precision planning. Matt Rivenbark, from SSI SCHAEFER, will take you through the high-level details on how to strategically plan and implement a new greenfield high bay warehouse with cold storage and what you need to know to get a positive return. You’ll learn how to start from the design phase all the way to understanding how to plan for energy savings and route sequencing. He’ll also walk you through how to build with scalability in mind so as your business grows, your facility is set for continued operations.

Key Takeaways

Attendees who attend this seminar will learn how to plan the following:

• What to think about when selecting a site
• Software and technology planning
• Storage density design and planning
• Building design and code requirements
• Vendor selection
• How to get a positive ROI


Matt Rivenbark SSI SCHAEFER Food & Beverage Director

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Seminar sponsored by Schaefer Systems International, Inc..

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