SponsorLocus Robotics
DateMonday, March 20, 2023
Time1:30 PM - 2:15 PM
LocationTheater F

What You Will Learn

In today’s warehouse, volumes continue to grow, putting significant productivity demands on operators to meet customer deadlines and keep control of costs. Operators are turning to AMR technology to span the labor gap, improve cost efficiencies, easily scale to manage growth and volume spikes, and deliver exceptional customer experiences. In this presentation, we’ll show you how multiple form factors of AMR automation are dramatically changing today’s dynamic warehouse, how different AMRs can work together seamlessly, and what it can do for your operation and your customer.

Key Takeaways

What you’ll learn

-How AMR technology can easily conform to all elements of your current operation
-How implementing multiple forms of AMRs can optimize your entire warehouse
-What to look for as you evaluate AMR technology and how to future proof your operation


Jason Walker Locus Robotics Vice President, Market Development

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Seminar sponsored by Locus Robotics.

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