SponsorKPI Integrated Solutions
DateTuesday, March 21, 2023
Time10:30 AM - 11:15 AM
LocationTheater C

What You Will Learn

ProMat provides visitors a chance to see how material handling equipment, technologies and software solve real world order fulfillment, logistics and manufacturing problems. Today we are seeing an unprecedented shortage of labor and need for space. There are multiple systems that can enable drastic reductions in labor and eliminations of aisles to maximize current cubic density.

This seminar will walk the audience through a specific set of pallet and case handling requirements and how to go about solving these challenges using a proven data-driven design methodology. The goal of the seminar is to show the steps to define system requirements, how different technologies can solve the same set of requirements and the benefits and drawbacks of those technologies and solutions. We will start with data analysis, move into solutions, discuss the return on investments and labor models associated with each solution and discuss benefits and challenges of each solution. The three concepts will include a traditional pallet/case handling operation, a unit-load ASRS, and an automated solution utilizing a four-way robotic shuttle. This will provide audience members that own and operate these types of operations the ability to draw parallels to their own systems so they can apply the same methodology when needed.

The KPI Integrated Solutions team has found through our history of implementing large scale projects that understanding the DNA of the business and applying the right process is a foundational exercise that must take priority and have all other automation, technology and software designed around it. This seminar is a great example of how different solutions can solve the same set of problems while delivering different results.

Key Takeaways

• How different technologies can solve the same set of operational challenges
• How varying degrees of automation effect throughput, return on investment, culture and operations
• How to develop a solution using a data driven analysis methodology
• How technology impacts space, flexibility, scalability and being future proof


Daryl Bush KPI Solutions Sr. Director, Supply Chain Services
Matt Smoker KPI Solutions VP, Consulting Services

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Seminar sponsored by KPI Integrated Solutions.

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