SponsorELOKON Inc.
DateThursday, March 23, 2023
Time11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
LocationTheater D

What You Will Learn

ELOKON, the Atlanta based supplier of safety and productivity solutions for material handling equipment, summarizes the pros and cons of these solutions as they pertain to customers and their warehouses of different sizes and needs. Furthermore, the presenter will highlight the advantages of having all these solutions on one web-portal, operated by your company. The last point on the agenda is an innovation roadmap. Of particular importance in the innovation roadmap is how smartphones - which usually come equipped with UWB chips used in RTLS and peer-to-peer safety solutions - might be used to replace proprietary RTLS and fleet management hardware installed on material handling equipment. Additionally, we will explore how they can drive down costs and enable customers to operate fleet management, warehouse management and RTLS solutions on one and the same hardware unit.

Key Takeaways

- Pros and cons of safety and productivity solutions for material handling equipment
- Advantages of combining all solutions in one web-portal
- How the modern smartphone revolutionizes the industry


Alexander Glasmacher ELOKON Inc. Managing Director

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