DateTuesday, March 21, 2023
Time3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
LocationTheater A

What You Will Learn

Demands on your material handling operations grow increasingly complex and uncertain. Volatile energy costs, intense throughput demands, shifting operator demographics and even stringent sustainability requirements add new dimension and risk to decisions on motive power systems for your equipment.

Traditional tools and methods to evaluate proliferating power options do not necessarily account for this additional complexity and can lead you into a choice that could hurt efficiency or jeopardize your throughput altogether.

This information-packed session shares insights to help address common challenges with evaluating and selecting motive power in material handling applications. This includes key considerations, along with the latest tools and techniques for evaluation, selection and management of motive power systems to help minimize material handling equipment ownership costs while ensuring needed throughput levels.

This session will also include Q&A with motive power application experts, along with a discussion of critical variables and inputs to be considered as part of an evaluation, a demonstration of an application simulation model and discussion of the resulting recommendations along with typical best practices to deploy the recommended motive power solution.

The content of this session offers the most value to those directly involved in the management of facility operations and material handling equipment. This includes: Facility & Equipment Managers, Maintenance Managers as well as Operational Managers and Directors.

Key Takeaways

This informative session will include the following key topics:
• Important inputs and considerations for motive power assessments
• Hazardous shortcomings of traditional evaluation methods
• Advanced tools that leverage fleet data to optimize power selection
• Achieving true optimization with application-specific power technologies
• Tips for successful deployment of advanced power technology
• Simulation case example & Q&A with motive power experts


Harold Vanasse EnerSys Senior Director of Global Marketing – Motive Power
Chris Wayment EnerSys Field Sales Enablement Manager – Motive Power

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